Shameless Promotion of Ithaca

Over a year ago I posted on how entrepreneurial the Ithaca Mayor, Svante Myrick, is.  Here is that older post from August 2013.

Today I spent the day with Mayor Myrick in NYC spreading the word on how awesome Ithaca is for startups.  Development Counsellors International (DCI) arranged the tour, and we hit 7 media outlets, including Crane’s, Fortune, BloombergTV, Fox, The Street and the New York Business Journal.  My Cornell office (Entrepreneurship at Cornell) and Tompkins County Area Development hired DCI to conduct a systematic PR campaign.

So, I am sticking to what I wrote in 2013:  our Mayor is an entrepreneurial guy and he gets the value of startup creation and how it clearly impacts the local economy.  It was great to have a day where we did most of our interviews together and each heard the other’s perspective.  We literally did no rehearsal, and yet there was complete agreement on all points made.  Nice win!

Here is one of the video clips from The Street.  I will post up other stories and/or video as they come out.


One thought on “Shameless Promotion of Ithaca

  1. Hi Zach,
    Sounds exciting, cool and great for e@Ithaca/Cornell .
    As a native NYC guy and 35 year Ithacan . .. good stuff!

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