The Ithaca Mayor is an Entrepreneur – He Might Not Realize It!

One of my VC partners sent me a long video clip (31 minutes) today of a speech given by Svante Myrick, the Mayor of Ithaca, NY.  He was elected at the age of 24, and has been on the job a couple of years.  I know him and I like him a lot.  He is making things happen in Ithaca.

Here is the video.  I rarely watch long videos.  My partner who sent this to me even more rarely watches long videos… I knew it was worth watching.

Here are my take away points about Svante after watching the video (the video just solidified many things I already knew about him):  energetic, creative, strong moral barometer, trustworthy, fiscally responsible, highly motivated, funny, passionate and strong leader.

And there you have a list of attributes of a great startup company entrepreneur!


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