Forbes Ranks Cornell #4 for Entrepreneurship

In June 2013 I was appointed the head of the Entrepreneurship at Cornell program office (EaC) at Cornell University. Today, Forbes Magazine ranked Cornell #4 for entrepreneurship.  The ground work done by my predecessor John Jaquette paid off!  We have been building the Cornell eship program for a long time, and it is wonderful to see growing external recognition.  The Forbes ranking was based on ratio of (x) the number of alums and students that identify themselves as business founders and owners on LinkedIn to (y) the total student body.

You can read the online version of the article here, but when I just checked it, the overall ranking list was not showing.  The print version comes out August 18th, and I am guessing it will be included.  Cornell was behind Stanford, MIT and Cal Berkeley and the full ranking was 15 or 20 schools.

Cornell is obviously delighted with the article even though it misstates a few things.  It alluded to the EaC office as an “innovation office that distributes $1 million a year” (well, the EaC office budget is about $1 million a year – I wish that we could distribute that much!) and also to a new Downtown student co-working space of 10,000 sf (well, that would actually be in Collegetown, not Downtown, though Cornell is a primary partner in building a separate community based incubator Downtown).  But I would say the article was mostly factually accurate, which is great!

Go Big Red!


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