Best Colleges for Creating Billionaires

Business Insider published an interesting ranking last week, name the The Best Colleges For Becoming A Billionaire.  The ranking only includes 10 colleges/universities, and Cornell ranked #7.

Here is Cornell’s data (UHNW stands for Ultra High Net Wort, and the trigger is having over $30mm in assets):

7. Cornell University

Number of billionaire alumni: 14

Total billionaire wealth: $35 billion

Number of UHNW alumni: 528

Total UHNW wealth: $60 billion

Self-made wealth: 66%


I love to see that 66% of Cornell’s alumni billionaire are “self-made”.  That compares favorably with the other schools in the ranking and put Cornell in the middle of the pack.  Some of the wealth creation is quite staggering (Harvard).  Check out the ranking results – they are an easy read.


One thought on “Best Colleges for Creating Billionaires

  1. Hi Zach, Thanks for sharing, and good news for sure to see Cornell on that list. It will certainly resonate well here in China. With regard to that huge Harvard total, I suspect it may be a bit skewed by the inclusion of Bill Gates (Microsoft) and Mark Zuckergerg (Facebook), but good for them. Best regards, David

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