Big News – Stanford Out for NYC Tech Campus

Just learned that Stanford has pulled out of the NYC Tech Campus competition.  There is plenty of media coverage so no need to post it here.  Very exciting news for Cornell, which is now the front runner.  Should learn in early January hopefully of NYC’s final decision.

Have a great weekend.


Cornell NYC Campus Competition

As you likely know from my earlier post, Cornell is responding to a RFP issued by NYC relating to building a tech campus in NYC.  There are many universities competing, but it likely is coming down to Cornell and Stanford.

Please help Cornell WIN.  We want to “drop” a petition on Mayor Bloomberg’s desk e-signed by 20,000 Cornell Alums expressing their support for our application.   A group of alums have put together a simple way to sign an online petition.  I just did this and it takes about 10 seconds.  SO, if you are a Cornell alum, please click, sign and……help us WIN.   And pass this along.  Don’t worry about people getting it twice.  Go BIG RED.

Public Service Announcement – Sandbox Demo Day

Demo Day for the 2011 Syracuse Student Sandbox will happen on Wednesday August 17th at 3:00PM.   Come support the student entrepreneurs. You can register for the event (it is free) at the following link:

The event is happening in the lobby of AXA Towers in Syracuse (immediately adjacent the Tech Garden).  Teams will give 5 minute pitches.  Product demonstrations and trade show to follow at the Tech Garden @ 6:00PM.  Refreshments will be served. You will be given the opportunity to vote for the best company!

Awards will be given at 7:30 PM.   If you have any questions, email me at


Reblog – Look Out for Brad Feld’s new Blog Series on Financial Statements

Brad Feld announced today the format for his upcoming educational posts on startup financial statements and financial literacy.  See the announcement here.  This is going to be fantastic!  “Finance Fridays” – I will reblog them for sure.

I am a big believer in the power of the blog as an educational tool.  It is my primary motivator to write actually.  Selfishly, it saves me time to write down useful information because I can continually reference folks back to the blog posts.  But I think the most powerful reason is just to make the startup ecosystem more efficient, particularly in underserved markets like upstate NY.  Brad Feld, Fred Wilson and Martin Zwilling are among the best at educating via their blogs, and I have a strong suspicion that that is what motivates them as well.

If you have startup topics that you think would benefit from a post, let me know.  If I cannot handle it I will punt it over to big boys……