StartFast is OPEN

Upstate NY has an accelerator……really…..and its first day of operation is Monday, May 14th!  I realize that there are many accelerators around the country (many, many, many), but the accelerator craze has pretty much left Upstate NY alone.  Until now.   And it is fantastic that StartFast, based in Syracuse, is here!  A bunch of individuals and Cayuga Venture Fund have backed StartFast – the community coming together to support an important endeavor.

A special call out and thanks to Nasir Ali, Chuck Storman and Martin Babinec for getting StartFast started and running it.  3 guys really making an big impact!

Here is a list of the first class of companies:

StartFast Class of 2012

  • Mozzo Analytics(Syracuse, NY and Philadelphia, PA) MozzoLinks extracts all the links from your gmail. In one glance, you will see an organized summary of your links, searchable by people, topics, and time. All your links, right at your fingertips. (
  • PadProof(Orlando, FL and NYC) The photos you want, in the palm of your hand. A proofing app for the moments that matter, built to go anywhere you go. Preview, share, and purchase your photos from your photographer with the swipe of a finger. (
  • BitePal(Ithaca, NY) BitePal makes getting a restaurant discount fast and easy. No payments, printing, or registration necessary. You simply choose one of the deals we offer, provide your cell phone number so we can send you a confirmation message, and then show this message to the waiter at your table once you are done eating. (
  • Cayo-Tech(Tel Mond, Israel) ‘Guard My Angel’ is a mobile application that watches over you without compromising your privacy. Whether you are walking alone in a dark alley, getting on a cab, or anytime you feel you need someone at your side, in the case of an emergency, we will notify your family and friends with the information they need to help you. (
  • RevoPT (Ithaca, NY) Web and mobile applications to make physical therapy more personalized and more effective. RevoPT brings a simple, personalized, and interactive home exercise program that keeps patients accountable and increases the efficiency and effectiveness of rehabilitation. (Website under development)
  • Tivity(NYC) A social network for people looking to find, schedule, and share active lifestyle activities with people around them. (
  • Streamspec(Syracuse, NY and NYC) a next generation, image based Internet advertising company. (
  • CanVita(Denver, CO and NYC) The visual and evolving CV for the era of the social web, Canvita showcases your evolution and best work in a fun and intuitive way.  (
  • YouGift(NYC) A celebration platform for gifting anything, combining greetings and gift cards sent via social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. (

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