A Little COVID-19 Relief

As many of you know, Entrepreneurship at Cornell hosts a big conference in NYC each fall.  The event is called Eclectic Convergence, Cornell Entrepreneurship Summit, and this fall the date is November 13, 2020, again at the TimesCenter.  We hope that the event will go ahead, but only time will tell.

I source the speakers for Eclectic Convergence well in advance.  As of today 7 of the 8 speakers are lined up:

Michelle Adelman, Accite Holdings

Emin Gun Sirer, Ava Labs

Polina Marinova, The Profile

Ryan Hudson, Honey

Katia Beauchamp, BirchBox

Steve Hindy, Brooklyn Brewery

Jeremy Cohen, NYC Photographer

I was on the phone with Jeremy today, and am already looking forward to his presentation.  He is the first professional artist that we have had as a speaker!

With all that said, I bet you are wondering why I am titling this post “A Little COVID-19 Relief”.  Well, here you go.  Check out the video clip below from Jeremy’s twitter feed:


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