Cornell Entrepreneurship Kickoff 2014

Cornell students are returning the campus.  Freshman drop off is today.  Lots of nervous looking faces!  

The return of students means the return of student focused entrepreneurship events.  To keep on top of the activity, I suggest you subscribe to the Entrepreneurship at Cornell (EaC) listserve.  Just go to the EaC website, scroll down to the bottom and enter your email address.  You will then receive emails sent to the listserve including a weekly digest of events.  Typically between 3-5 emails are sent to the listserve each week.  

One upcoming event that I wanted to highlight is the Cornell Entrepreneurship Kickoff 2014, which is September 9th at PopShop in Collegetown.  Here is the FB page for the event.  The Kickoff is going to highlight eLab (our student business accelerator).  And there will be a pitch off event for student teams interested in applying for eLab too.  It will be a high energy event so attend if you are in Ithaca!

Enjoy the weekend.