Cornell Co-Founder Connection

Happy to report that Entrepreneurship@Cornell has partnered with CoFoundersLab to launch Cornell C0-Founder Connection to provide the broad Cornell University community with a free way to find a co-founder/business partner.  A great team is critical to startup success, yet good co-founders/business partners are hard to find.  Cornell is dedicated to helping our entrepreneur community better solve this problem.

Are you looking for a co-founder?  TWO simple steps:

1) Create a FREE entrepreneur profile on Co-Founder Connection.

2) Check out an in-person Co-Founders Wanted Meetup in a city near you.

Whether you’re just starting out with an idea and looking for your first co-founder or you’re two years into a startup and looking for that third or fourth co-founder, use Co-Founder Connection to find that key team member.

The Co-Founder Connection co-founder matching platform is available to the entire Cornell University community, past and present. The best part? Co-Founder Connection plugs into the CoFoundersLab database of thousands of entrepreneurs looking for a co-founder!  The portal also allows extensive search and filter capabilities to narrow the search down to co-founder candidates with specific criteria, such as those people whom have certain skills, are part of specific communities (co-working spaces, accelerators, etc.), and have complementary entrepreneur personalities.

About CoFoundersLab

CoFoundersLab is the largest online community of entrepreneurs looking for a co-founder. CoFoundersLab partners with organizations and universities across the country to provide a co-branded, co-founder matching resource for their communities. Cornell University joins Harvard University, TechStars, Columbia University, New York University and many others as a proud CoFoundersLab partner, dedicated to promoting entrepreneurship and business creation.

Join the Cornell University entrepreneurial community and find your co-founder today with Co-Founder Connection!