2 thoughts on “PSA – Reid Hoffman has started blogging

  1. Thanks for being open to dialog …Reid’s blog is another one-way device, like his LinkedIn posts and LinkedIn Product blogs. The “ivory tower, too-important-better-than-you-to-interact” approach does not sell a user base. Reid needs to understand that other business social networks could take over with solid, productivity-oriented features and interaction within their framework (vs others such as FB, Twitter and un-official LinkedIn support forums).

    The New Contacts implementation is a disaster to professionals who relied on the CRM features in the old, Connections system, but there is no LinkedIn vehicle to have a direct dialog with the developers or management (except to try to connect then exchange messages for which they are reluctant to do), and of course their customer support is stuck in the middle.

    Good Luck LinkedIn … remember the puny upstart, ComPaq, that wound up buying DEC, ONCE the largest mini-computer mfgr in the world.

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