Art of the Start

I was supposed to have a guest lecturer in my class talking about the new crowd funding act (which is not yet legal), but he was coming from NYC and Sandy messed up the travel plans.  BTW, in Ithaca, Sandy was basically a drizzly rain.  No damage up here.

So, I covered crowd funding (thanks to Doug Gorman for giving me a good deck to teach from) and then showed one of my favorite Guy Kawasaki videos – he classic Art of the Start.  It is 40 minutes of purely good advice for startups.  I had not seen it in a while.  It is so spot on!  And the best part is that it pre-dates all the current lean startup/business model canvas teachings and completely complements them.  I really encourage you to find the time and watch the video, particularly if you are starting a company and hope to raise capital from outside investors.  And Guy is really funny too.



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