Why Wrestlers Make the Best Employees

I have previously written about wrestling and startups, here and here.  You can only imagine my delight reading this article entitled “Why Wrestlers Make the Best Employees” that was recently published by Forbes.

Yes, I am biased as I wrestled in high school and closely follow Cornell wrestling now.  Yes, we (at Cayuga Venture Fund) hire a wrestler as an intern each year.  And yes I favor wrestlers when I interview them – the same way I tend to favor military folks.  They get the job done!


One thought on “Why Wrestlers Make the Best Employees

  1. My military experience taught me you are never out of the fight. There is always something that can be done to improve your situation no matter how desperate the conditions. My favorite military leader is Lt Gen Hal Moore who was an innovative leader during the Vietnam War. He was asked to develop (innovate) a new soldier delivery system to the battlefield. Through his leadership and tireless efforts, he introduced the concept of deploying combat teams via helicopter to a forward location through the use of a new technology – the helicopter. – Thanks, Omar

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