Lessons Learned from Bill Gross

26 minutes is a long time to me, particularly when it is spent watching a video on startup lessons learned.  Well, I just spent 26 minutes and 14 seconds watching Bill Gross at LeWeb 2011 (from December 2011) talk about some lessons learned.  Fortunately he used excellent examples so I was really content watching the entire thing!

My first exposure to Bill Gross was back in 1996 when I represented (as a lawyer) a company from Ithaca in which IdeaLab invested (that company was sold to Microsoft for $50mm about 6 months after the investment).  IdeaLab was then, and still is, Bill’s startup incubator (truly an incubator and not an accelerator).  Anyway, I did not meet Bill then and have not met him to this day.  In fact, many of the things that I have heard about Bill from others are not too flattering.  So, needless to say, I had a preconceived notion of Bill Gross in my brain.  Perhaps that is why I clicked on the video link when it landed in my inbox (thanks to a friend of mine for sending it to me).  In any event, it is a super video and I am looking forward to recommending it over and over again.

Here it is:  Bill Gross LeWeb 2011 video.   Enjoy.


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