The Roller Coaster

I am guessing that you all have heard the analogy of startups and roller coasters.  Old news  – boring.

This morning I was reading Fred Wilson’s post and came across a depiction much better than a roller coaster.  Fred did not invent this depiction.  Apparently Paul Graham did.  Regardless, they call it “the process”.   Here it is: The Process

This graphic truly resonates with me.  In particular I like the LONG span between “TechCrunch of Initiation” and “The Promised Land”.  Many of the companies get great publicity early on (conference PR, news stories, “top startup in XYZ category”, etc.).  And while I have no issue with the great publicity, I don’t get too excited by it.  I sometimes have to temper my reactions to good press to tone down my sarcastic instincts.  The press is not worth too much unless the company gets to product sales and ultimately nicely profitable product sales…..unless of course we are talking about the lucky case where a company is sold as a pure technology play (not too common).

The Process is a great depiction of the roller coaster, only much better stated and direct.  Enjoying the ride can be a challenge some days!