Choosing Co-Founders

I get asked probably once a week about how to find and choose co-founders.  I wish the answers were easy.  Actually the “find” part is not that hard.  The “choose” part is very hard in my view.

On the “find” side, I think that many co-founders find each other by accident or through happenstance.  Meet-ups are great forums for this.  At Cornell, we encourage our business school students to walk across the street to the engineering quad and hang out (and visa versa).  A little networking goes a long way.

On the “choose” side, I am luckily able to take the easy route and refer you to a post that I just read (sent to me by Nasir Ali, who is one of the heads of StartFast, an accelerator holding its first class of teams this summer in Syracuse – exciting!).  Here is that post.  Good stuff, and now that it is part of IthacaVC I will have a ready answer when next asked the question!