Cornell NYC Tech Campus – What is Good for Cornell is Good for NYC

I am a Cornell grad (undergrad ’87 and ’90 law) and currently teach at the Johnson School (Cornell’s business school).  I love Cornell.

Cornell is responding to a massive RFP issued by NYC (Mayor Bloomberg’s office) for the establishment of a tech campus on Roosevelt Island.  It is a huge undertaking.  Our proposal focuses on masters of engineering degrees, a joint MEng/MBA degree and other graduate degrees.  The competition seems to be coming down to Cornell vs. Stanford (which is not surprising).  Our alumni base in and around NYC is Cornell’s huge asset – some 50,000 strong!  We will provide mentoring to Cornell NYC startups, guest lecture in class, employ graduates, etc.

As Cornell prepares to submit its bid for this 1M+ sq ft campus, please join the grassroots effort on Twitter by following and RTing @CornellTechNYC to help influence Bloomberg in this important selection process.



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