Reblog – Look Out for Brad Feld’s new Blog Series on Financial Statements

Brad Feld announced today the format for his upcoming educational posts on startup financial statements and financial literacy.  See the announcement here.  This is going to be fantastic!  “Finance Fridays” – I will reblog them for sure.

I am a big believer in the power of the blog as an educational tool.  It is my primary motivator to write actually.  Selfishly, it saves me time to write down useful information because I can continually reference folks back to the blog posts.  But I think the most powerful reason is just to make the startup ecosystem more efficient, particularly in underserved markets like upstate NY.  Brad Feld, Fred Wilson and Martin Zwilling are among the best at educating via their blogs, and I have a strong suspicion that that is what motivates them as well.

If you have startup topics that you think would benefit from a post, let me know.  If I cannot handle it I will punt it over to big boys……


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