2 thoughts on “ReBlog (kind of like retweet) – Insider Rounds

  1. Hi Zach – Robert Holland here. Great read on your recommendation today and always enjoy reading your content.

    Wanted to see if I could get your opinion on something that I’m currently going through with my blog. I have the opportunity to sell my blog for somewhere between $70k and potentially as much as $120k – these numbers are based on comps and research I’ve been doing on the website resale market.

    Anyway, this potential sales price has me now on the fence as to whether I should actually sell my blog or not. The blog has a lot of unique attributes that set it apart – nearly 3,895 unique articles, top 50 Alexa ranking globally, top 25 ranking in the US, PR4 on the hompage and all 12 of my top level categories, nearly 200,000 pageviews and $150,000 unique visitors per month.

    So my question is, should I sell – take the money and then build a new site. Or is it smarter to hold the site and keep building the brand, traffic, etc…?

    I ask also from the perspective that I could really use that kind of money right now; however, selling makes me feel like I’m “selling out”.

    Any thoughts?

    Thanks again for your great blog – I enjoy (and read…) every post.

    • Rob, i have zero experience in selling blogs. But, with that said, if you are happy with the price and need the money, my view would be to sell it. You have built it, you can sell it. This is not a sell out. It is cashing in on something you have created. Good luck

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