Yes, I am still kicking!

Hey everyone, it seems like forever since I added a new blog post.  And this one is going to be brief to boot.  

Things have been incredibly hectic mostly in a good way.   At Cornell, at the beginning of June we opened our new eship space on campus called eHub.  And our eHub location in Collegetown is opening in about a month.  The construction has been time consuming and so has been working out the kinks of the facilities.  At Cayuga Venture Fund, we have been making a bunch of new investments, which is always time consuming.   Never a dull day.

Now I am going to be a little “Brad Feld-ish”, which means a bit overly personal.  Over the past months we renovated a lake house here in Ithaca and have been busy renting it.  And my dear dad passed away over Memorial Day weekend.  Lots on my mind.

In short, my brain has been full up.  But things are settling down so I hope to get back to regular postings very soon.  Thanks!


Non-VC Post: Ithaca Problems

I have been a little tardy with posts this month.  Too many things eating my time.  This hysterical “Ithaca” list was just sent to me, and I felt compelled to share and archive on my blog for future reference!

Enjoy this list of Ithaca problems.

Cornell Women Entrepreneurs

Business Insider just published results from a study on top schools for women looking to create their own companies and obtain outside funding.   Here is the article.  The ranking is for the top 10 schools only.  Cornell is #9.  The rankings are driven by PitchBook data, and you might recall that Cornell had the same ranking for women entrepreneurs raising venture capital described in my September 24th post.

I am delighted that Cornell made the top 10!  And I can tell you that from direct experience the number of women directly involved in entrepreneurship pursuits at Cornell has grown incredibly quickly over the past 3 to 5 years. Anecdotal evidence:  4 of the 5 top teams at the Cornell Eship Kickoff event this year were founded by women.  The nice thing was that our judges did not even notice this or think much about it until after it was pointed out!!   It is just normal here :)).

We have lots of room for improvement, as #9 means that there are, well 8, spots in front of us.  Let’s keep improving.  And let’s aspire to the day when it is not even noteworthy, but rather just normal and expected.

Cornell Ranks High (again!) in PitchBook

PitchBook just came out with its updated rankings measuring the number of founders that received VC funding based on the founder’s university.  I posted on the previous ranking here (in which Cornell was #7 in the undergraduate degree category).

This year Cornell ranked #6 in the undergraduate degree category, #6 by total capital raised in the undergraduate degree category, #9 for capital raised by women founders in the undergraduate degree category and #4 on the unicorn list.

Here is the report: PitchBook_Universities_Report_2015_2016_Edition.

Great result!!  Go Red!!